This Place

November 3, 2011
By Demonic BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
Demonic BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
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There is a place
where they say
you will be granted happiness and a well put good future.
But thus it has rules and guidelines
that They expect us to follow and use wisely.
It is not strict,
it does not function well.
Krazes do try to stay,
But the People who own the Place
do not understand
how it is a difficult life for the Krazes.
They see the Krazes falling,
But not seeing that they are struggling
with their personal lives.
The People try to help
from them not to fall.
It helps…some who are strong
and believe that this Place will grant them a good future.
There are some that actually do go on
and live a good life,
because this Place said they will give it to them.
But what about the ones who do not
Have the strong will and believe in this Place?
They simply give up and try their best where they were before.
Some stay but move on slowly,
at least they will hopefully get it through.
But this Place how did it come to be?
Unfortunately, I have no clue.
Please forgive me that I do not have the information,
But I can proudly say,
That I am a survivor of this Place
and I will put up with this Place.
I hope the best for you,
If you do so want to join this,
place that will grant you “happiness”



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