"Ballad of Stomping On Mice"

March 28, 2008
By Zeina Rashed, Sewickley, PA

In his metzo piano schpiel,
where all my hopes
were tousled sideways
across a porcelain forehead by dirty blond
cascades of cliche blue eyed
and nothing really made sense but somehow
we matched perfectly
in a redundant way his name
was musical until i sang my part
where he fell into me in a swirl
of copper kissing and hazes of
a time we were together but
not there.
Until december
when there was
weather and the cold nipped
floor didnt matter to us but
when i asked if it was love
or infatuation and then realized
it was just a bit of both, not to
mention that
and bubble gum flavored
and all our hearts appeasing
suggesting we'll last forever.

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