love i can never have

November 10, 2011
By , richmond, VA
the love i can never have.. he loved another.why is it that i am not loved? why dose he love someone other then me? is it because i am not worthy of his love or is it because i don't exist in his eyes.No no, i am the one for him ....i no longer am able to stand it. the intense feeling of attraction, profound longer can i stand by and let this chick red hair and all, take the one i love and want. the one i desire.oh why dose he say he love me but stay with this red haired chick? oh god why have you cursed me with this feeling for someone that dose not even notice i exist? i am the cloud above him. i am the ground he walks on. no one cares about him but me.i am like the sugar in his tea the cream in his coffee. this red haired chick has no idea what a boy like him needs. sometimes i want to cream out his name, but i cannot. for if i do, the one i love will surely think i am crazy. my heart is beginning to shut down. i no longer have the strength. why!?!?

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