Whenever You Remember

March 28, 2008
Whenever you remember,
The day we met,
I hope you smile,
Because its you I can't forget.

Whenever you remember
The moments we shared
Whenever you think of me
Remember how much I cared

When you remember
How life passed us by
Do you recall how we felt
As if we lost that star in the sky?

When we reached up
To find there was nothing there
Then we had fallen
Through the sky and air

Blindly falling
Through life・s・ sky
Noticing you were in reach
But refusing you hand-, I was shy

Disguising my shyness,
Holding my head high
You told me the truth
Yet half-heartedly I told you a lie.

Again, you grasped for my hand
Now I held yours
You smiled happily
As my heart secretly soared.

We were blessed with wings
Ever since
You seemed to become
My fairytale prince.

But among the bliss
Emerged a fine, frail mist
Which fogged the lies
As the truth hit me like a fist.

Your love was tainted
With the colour red
The colour of my hearts・ blood
Which for you was shed.

As I grasped tighter
You pushed me away
I know we both remember
That sorrowful day.

When you wanted me
I did not
And when I yearned for a place in your heart
I found that your wild love couldnt be caught.

Whenever you remember
My sorrowful brown eyes
The day you broke my heart,
As we silently said our goodbyes.

I crashed to earth,
My trust shattered,
And I still cant bring myself to pick up the pieces,
Because it was only you that mattered.

Whenever I remember,
The day I stumbled upon regret,
For refusing your touch,
I hope to forget.

Whenever you remember,
The day we met,
I hope you smile,
Because I still haven・t forgotten you yet.

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