Torn between two

November 10, 2011
I’m so confused.
What do I do?
I’ve never known to not love you.
It’s so weird, very strange.
I don’t believe I like this change.
But I gotta do it, I gotta follow through.
I gotta make myself stop loving you.
You’re like a sweet poison.
Well that’s what they say.
Taste so good but really, tearing me away.
You fill my heart with love and energy.
But others say you’re no good for me.
I feel like I just can’t breathe, when I try to ignore this love we’ve conceived.
Their accusations of you rip my heart to shreds, until I’m left with very tiny threads.
Trying to hold on to sweet memories.
But they dig them out and prove them obsolete.
How can love be so wrong?
How can I fix my lips to say so long?
I love you with all my heart.
What will be left if we were forced to part?
How can I love?
How can I breathe?
When will my caged heart be set free?
I want you here with me.
For you to kiss away silvery tears off my cheek.
But we can’t always have our way.
Even I’ve it hurts with pain.
This battle we’ve fought so hard to win.
We’ve lost and it seems we have to give in.
This fantasy of you and me can no longer be.

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