You didn’t have to say it

March 28, 2008
By preet chhina, Maple Ridge, B.C., ZZ

You didn’t have to say it
Because I already knew
That the days of ‘us’
Were numbered and few

You didn’t have to be harsh
And I cried later that night
Because I didn’t want you to leave
Just because of a fight

But like a horror movies’
Foreshadowing song
I knew that it wouldn’t
Be too long

Before I would stay up
Every single night
So your couldn’t haunt my dreams
So your face wouldn’t creep into my sight

But I just can’t stop myself
From drowning in regret
Please understand- I’m trying to let you go
But I’m just not ready yet

Why did you break it off
So roughly and fast?
When I recall you were the one
Who promised that we would last?

I’m left here all alone
And you’re the one I need
But you refuse to return
No matter how much I plead

A distant memory
Is what you’ve become
And whenever I think about us
My body just goes numb

You didn’t have to say it
Because I already knew
That there was no more ‘us’
Just me and you...

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