The Fire Dance

November 10, 2011
By Anonymous

The flame so elegant focused in its own vibrant soothing ballet,
Warm and tender. The fuel is dropped like a child
With no hope but just as full of courage and light as any other, the fire spreads as the fuel flows, the
Performance begins. The fire dancing away it’s empty
Pains as the orchestra commences

Alone, yet never lonely, unseen but seen everywhere
The fire spreads, infecting, dancing in ways that brings life
To the room so dead and dull, choreographing the waltzing world around
It’s free, yet trapped, the fire dips and
Twirls to the unknown rhythm soon to take it away; and
The orchestra continues to play out the empty day.

Burning, loving, hungry for the finale,
The fire treats it all like a game, laughing like the crackle of burning wood, gambling
With the lives of the audience the fire selects
A partner to the dance, pale and as sweet
As fruit forbidden the two dance, the duo of doom, the torching
Tango fire with no feet steps like never
Before gazing in only the eyes of the
Dance partner once pale and pure now black
As ash withering away in the fire’s
Whispers, that carry like smoke in the wind, no orchestra only the violin plays.

The finale no music just the fire whistling
Alone as the corpse sizzle in the ruins
Of the theatre looking once more before
It leaves the dead ballroom with
The love, effort, and longing put in the flames
Dance then the wind blows out the
Fire once alive leaving behind the dead gray
Of smoke to leave the sky. Everything dies, dance, fire, and flesh.

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