It Burned

March 27, 2008
it burned
i died a little each night
but it was worth it

she held me in her tight grip
there was no way to escape
but i didn't want to

she watched me
and she was pleased
"don't you feel better now?"
"go to sleep and meet me here again tomorrow."

so i did.
we'd talk about the same thing.
think about the same thing.
there'd be some silence.
but she knew i was trying

my throat refused.
it was battling against me,
but i would be the one to come out victorious
i had to be in control of something
i had to know that it was my choice

mia loved me
and i loved her
but i had figured out her plan
her plan so evil and twisted

she was planning to control me
she wanted me addicted, a slave
but i could not be sold to her
i could not be sold to anyone.

so i went to her one night
and i tried to let her down gently
"you know you'll regret it"
"you know that they'll continue"
"mirrors will burn you to the ground
and no one wants to pick up your ashes"

i walked away from her.
that bully mia.

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