It's Over

March 27, 2008
By cara burna, Princeton, TX

The more I think about it,
the worse I feel.
All that time I wasted on you
it's totally unreal.

I guess I've finally seen the light,
that I haven't seen you before.
The one my friends tried to show me,
when all I did was ignore.

I pretended not to hear them,
when they told me "He's not the one".
Well now I can finally see,
& I'm glad it's all done.

I kinda feel lighter,
like a burden's been lifted up.
And I can live my life remembering,
that the best thing was our breakup.

I no longer feel the need
to feel loved by you.
Thanks to all my friends,
who've helped me through.

It's over, all of it.

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