Darkness Calling

November 3, 2011
By , Mcpherson, KS
Darkness calling,
I tend to grieve in,
I end up falling,
Hard for me to start calling;

My voice is loud and clear
Than why don't you hear?
You see me crying
I see you laughing;

You claim you loved me and cared for me,
than why do you hurt me?
You spent all your time fighting,
Looking for a way to me crying;

You came to put me down
Right when you realize I'm on the ground,
You tend to get up and walk away from the sin,
Now you are found!;

You aren't coming back anymore
I'm not crying for you furthermore
I'm completely done with you bringing me sorrow
I'm gonna keep my smile;

You don't deserve my tears
Can't believe how many years
I wasted my time on fears
You don't deserve me;

I wish I knew from the beginning
Than I wouldn't have been spending
My time with you
Was a complete waste on me;

Now you are free
You no longer have the key
Now your just a flee
Get the heck off of me;

Your darkness is history
I will think secondly
Before I walk towards it once more
No more darkness in my soul;

It's time for you to look like a fool,
You aren't cool,
You will repay for all the hurt and pain,
Darkness,You can go away now,
See you another day found;

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