Opposite Paths

November 3, 2011
By Mindpose BRONZE, Willis, Texas
Mindpose BRONZE, Willis, Texas
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Away Away
Far into a dream
Pray and Pray
For a little light to beam
Darkness taking over
Heart is beating faster
Try to hide and cover
From the darkness master

Whispering voices
Constant noises
Every part of everything
Sucking away all life
Not even songs to sing
Only silence and strife

Beginning to feel
Scared inside
This feels so real
Where can I hide
I need to escape
I need to breathe
To get away
From this brutal dream.

Come, Come
Far into this dream
There are some
People who truly beam
Lightness taking over
Heart is beating faster
Running joyfully in green pastures
In a heaven where nothing else matters

Whispering trees
Light breezes never ending
With birds who sing
And who are always tending
To everything
Bringing sweet life
Ring and ring
No silence or strife

Always feel
Joy inside
It feels so real
You'd never want to hide
A heaven escape
Fresh air to breathe
Never want to get away
From this glorious dream.

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