I Watch Them

March 27, 2008
I watch them,
Ties tied so tight at the neck,
The effigies of man,
Queer and unnatural,
Climbing iron mountains,
Ivory towers,
Wedding and spawning
Like savage European conquistadors,
Breeding legacy like sport,
I watch them crawl from their
Universities to their executive offices,
And I want to shout up,
Look into my eyes, look into my eyes and
See the beauty of youth,
Burning with the fury of ten thousand suns,
Look into my eyes, brimming with tears, and love,
And joy, look into my eyes and look in your own,
See not the warmth of life and lightness,
But the cold stagnancy of glut,
And know that you have no right,
No, none, to drown my ambition and
Render me diffident.
I watch you, all you men,
So listless, and I know that
I would rather die in vigorous youth,
Reckless and alive,
Than callous and cowardly,
At the head of an empty table,
Holding in withered frailty,
A crown,
King of nothing.

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