When Time and Fate Allow

March 27, 2008
What ere now when love hath changed?
Seek I another suitor,
Or remain where love doth run cold and freeze
As the rain in winter would?
Nay, tis a dispised choice.
Would one hold promise over the other?
Or would my heart grow as cold and empty
As the one it hath fallen for?
Would love a new bring happiness?
I know not…
Happiness should not be dependent on others,
Mine own heart shall keep me content with the world,
And all its glories.
It shall be explored by my soul and thus traveled in peace.
Friendships gained may remain or fade
As Time dust pull them away,
Tis not a decision unto me.
Let Fate decide what it will, but Fate himself
Must not punish me for his ill decisions and trickery!
Time is a friend unto Fate, and thus is a torment too!
A pair of dogs that do eat away at love, friendship, pride,
And all that doth occur in dreams.
Our minds are but cages unto ideas that must be let free!

How can we be changed so quickly?
Thoughts that hath inhabited our heads and hearts for so long
Dropped as a dirty handkerchief would?

Does a dog leave his owner after years of protection and trust?
Man’s best friend betray that which hath doted and loved upon him?
Aye, that I were that dog…
I hath loved and given the largest part of my heart
To someone who could not hold it,
Nor give me his heart to hold in return…
What now that I do without a large piece of my heart,
Which still belongeth unto him?
Do I hold true and wait for said love?
Or on my travels will love seek me?
Will love find and hold my heart as a whole once again?
Tis a wish I have held for many hours…

Often I find myself smiling and knowing that I am as fine as a daisy
In a grassy field on a warm summer’s day.
And then there are times when I fear that I see tears fall from my eyes,
And I know they are for those who are missed terribly
By mine own heart.
Friends, family, and lost love that hath vanished from my eyes.
For what reason hath this happened?
Fate and Time, paired together as actors on a stage
To create conflict in innocent lover’s eyes?
Hath the world not enough problems?
Need us conflicts and climaxes of pain and agony,
Not only bodily pain, but a tortured heart as well?
Where hath love, peace, and harmony escaped to?
Doth Time and Fate scare them away?

Times of happiness taken and thrown to the ground
As if a vile animal?
Is it necessary?
Will Time and Fate forever lay oppression on Love and Happiness?
I will be a first to raise the call of war against such foolishness.
I will stand and fight against unhappy times,
Determined to love others as best I can,
And offer my help where it may be of worth.
I may fear and be a coward,
But that does not diminish what I am!
I beseech you, dear readers,
To not let Time and Fate ruin what you love,
Let us use them as tools to make our futures Heaven on Earth,
And our dreams that which is reality.
Do not let your heart be torn to pieces,
For who so ever breaks it, is not worthy of having it.
Thus I retire and know that I will be loved once again,
When Time and Fate allow.

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davemj said...
Aug. 16, 2008 at 6:54 pm
awsome, deep and insightful thoughts. well done !!
joyce said...
Aug. 15, 2008 at 5:10 pm
I would have thought that a very talented adult had written this. It is just remarkable.You can reread it many times and it makes you really think and your thoughts change each time you read it. Just a beautiful poem. She should go a long way with her writing. Good luck........
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