The Truth

March 27, 2008
By Deidre Sell, Allentown, PA

Today I found out,
What I though was true.
I didn't think it at first,
But now I'm sure I love you.

But I don't love you,
The way you love me.
You love me as friends,
And I know between us it will never be.

I took the long way to class,
Though I did have to race,
Just because I wanted to see your smile,
Just to see your glowing face.

Every time I see you,
My heart skips a beat.
I know my feelings for you,
Will be hard to defeat.

I think that if we would date,
We would make a great pair.
I think ~ I know,
It's not fair.

Because no matter what,
I will ever do,
I will never,
Have a chance to be with you.

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