Write with the Silence

November 1, 2011
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Should I just sit back and drown with the silence?
Or should I shriek and cry, fill you with the silence?

Bust a tooth, shred a vein and go lie in the silence?
Break my skull, don’t fight back, jump of the roof to make silence?

Hardly matters when to you my voice flows with the silence.
Not a word hits your ears, ‘s like you’re cursed with the silence.

Shaking head, vengeful threats—you’re a b**** with the silence.
B**** back to break all your silence, ain’t no use when your ears won’t hear violence.

Minding my business and your glare is the silence.
Watch your pills not mine; I’ll down them with the silence.

Back off, shut up! Let me think with the silence.
Can’t I stand on my own? ‘S not like it’s a science.

Seriously, calm down. Close your jaw with the silence.
Let’s talk it out, let’s not fight with the silence.

Nick, just keep talking or you’ll be one with the silence.
Ignore the harsh words and let them have fun with their silence.

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