Where is Home?

March 27, 2008
By Kelly Manhart, Darien, CT

Every morning I open my curtains
To the familiar light of the sun
Shining brightly through my window
Australia opening up its arms to me
Welcoming me to the new day
Oblivious to what would happen
When I awoke the next day

And that last morning I wake up
In my comfortable surroundings
I’m suddenly forced onto a plane
And pushed into a new existence
In a new place, in a new bed
In a whole new world
That’s completely foreign to me

As I soar high overhead
Above my old house, my old bed
As I watch the life I once knew
Slip slowly out of grasp
As I enter the new territories of America
And as the clouds float by I realize
That I’m gone and I’m never coming back

But when I wake up in the morning
In my new bed, my new home
I feel as though I don’t belong
As if I’m living somebody else’s life
I know I can’t turn back, but I long for my old bed
My old window, my old home, my old life
All I can do is hope to fall back to sleep
And learn to become the person that sleeps in this bed

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