March 27, 2008
By Haylee Bradford, Sryacuse, UT

She walks with us through our small trials, but don't get me wrong, they can go on for miles. Still she stands firm, God's will in her heart. If I were to draw her, that is, using art,
she'd look just the same, because it's who she is. Her heart'd be gold, full of the gospel she preaches, her smile all worn in that beautiful way, her head slightly angled, and to me she'd say, "Oh my child, can you ever forgive me? I wasn't able to provide for your needs." I looked at the road. How we'd come so far! The walk of life is so long and trials leaving scars. I reached out and placed her hand in mine, then began to trace in her palm a line. "This one's for hope, this one is peace. This one's for love, and this, for ease. You hold wisdom for thanks and please." Then I said this one's for trial as I pointed to her smile. "It also means pain, destruction and sorrow. Some things lead us to think there'll be no tomorrow. But it's the place you show joy. You feel it in the heart.
Mom, you and I make the greatest team! And you've given me hope, and self esteem! Now look in the distance, I have so far to go. That's really why we need each other so badly you know. I can’t forgive you, because there’s no need. You've done everything right; I'm the one to plead. I'm sorry for the dark times I've caused; for when you kept going, and yet I paused. For when I made you cry, and when I stubbornly sat down. My questioning always, 'Why?' and when I made you frown. I'm sorry I didn't laugh at all your jokes, and I'm sorry that to you, I never really spoke. But Mom I love you, I hope you never forget. I want to let you know, these words I'll never regret. Let's walk a little farther, lose a little strife, and let's together walk this path of life. Yours will end much sooner, and you'll finish faster than I, but I will carry on, after our good bye.
I'll hurry fast without you, so I can meet you at the end. I know you'll be there for me; a Mom, a stranger, a friend.” I asked her, "Will you forgive me?" in a way that sounds almost hopefully. She smiled that worn, beautiful smile and with her countenance filled with success, she confidently replied, "Yes." Her last word to me. Her journey was done. She was my only one. But where her road ends, mine mentally begins. I have so much ground to cover that I can only think of how much I love her. So with a hopeful smile, letting go of the past, I hold to her integrity, remembering all that she’s surpassed.

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