Bedtime Drawn Near

March 27, 2008
By jessica edwards, Detroit, MI

your bedtime has drawn near the house is now calm and clear, now it is time to lay down your head, so you put on your pjs and hop into the bed, and tears start to flow then u hear a sound and cover your face because you dont want anybody to know, I once cried those midnight tears late and lonley, and no one there to console me, heart overwhelmed and worn your spirit all broken and torn, you feel invisible u feel as though no one cares, and your mom, and dad are too busy to listen they're all twisted up in other affairs, finally your eyes start to get heavy, and you start to fall asleep and while you are dozing the tears slowly fall down your cheek, finally an angel comes and calms all of your fears, he gives you sweet sleep and sweet dreams, and wipes away those midnight tears.

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