March 27, 2008
Numb to the people around you
Numb to all emotion
All you have is yourself
Trust no one
People are out to get you
Numb inside and out
All you hear is the sound of music blasting in your ears
You can't think
You don't even have a chance
You sit and watch everyone else grow and be happy
You don't seem to be moving on
You don't seem to budge
Numb is how you live
Numb is a way of life
Numb is how you feel
No one can change how you feel
If you feel like killing yourself
No one can stop you
People may try
But people can do nothing
You were numb inside and out
Now I'm at your furnal
I may cry... I may pray...
But I can do nothing to change
The fact I watched your life get thrown away
You may have never seen that people cared for you
You just never did accept it
Now this will be the last time I see you
I hate seeing you lay there
I hate the fact another life was lost
I hate the fact I lost a best friend
But most of all
I hate the fact that you will be burning in hell
I never in a million years wanted to see you dead
But no matter how hard I tryed
You were numb and rejected everything
I cryed and prayed every night
That you would change your mind
I brought you with me to church
You said you enjoyed it
But I guess it wasn't enough
Maybe I should have done something differently
Maybe I should of cryed out just a few more prayers
But now your gone
And our friendship is over
Now I cry out for God to help me
Help me get through this painful time
For me, my life will go on
But I will never forget you
I may cry out loud
I may feel sad
But my life will go on
I will get older
The pain will always be there
This will stay with me forever
But I will live
The lord will help me
I will over come this
This will make me stronger
But I will never forget you
My beloved friend

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