There is No Relation

March 27, 2008
Will you Acknowledge them?
Will you allow them to enter your Mind,
And make you understand things you’ve never Understood before?
Things you never wanted to be Understood?

Words are a Gift given to us Freely.
Words can be Taken away,
Changed Forever.
Never Revealing the true meaning behind a single sentence.

Why do we take for granted what is given to us Freely?
Our Words.
Our Voice.
Why do we use them to Hurt others?
Why do we use them to Beat others to the ground?
And leave no Reconciliation of the events.
Why do we leave them stripped of their Dignity?

Have you heard the Cry,
“I’m so Alone”?
It’s a cry for Help.
A Cry of Agony is a Whisper of Love,
Only Distorted.
No one Hears the real meaning.

A Single word can say a paragraph.
A single word is all you need to Save someone,
To save Yourself,
To save the World.
Does it stand out at You?
As it does Me?

Do you understand the Definition of this word?
Do you know it’s True meaning?
Do you want to know the Meaning?
Does your Curiosity over take you?
As it does Me?

The Sad part is…
I don’t know it’s true Meaning.
A lot of us don’t know it’s Meaning.
We have been told the Universal lie of it’s definition.
Some of us don’t want to know the Meaning,
In Fear of understanding it.
And realizing how well one word can relate to nothing in this world.
There is no GRACE in this world.

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