~Lyrical Freestyle~

March 27, 2008
By Chandna Mitchell, Calumet City, IL

~My words is the style of the turth but its a lyrical freestyle. I'm not just a rapper alnoe, I am a poet.The poem is the word and the is the poet.Deep inside me there us a person who is more than one thing.When I freestyle my freestyle is lyrical.My words is my talnet and no one cant take that away from me,Everyone listens to the lyrical freestyle.My words is the truth but its lyrical.I'm not only a rapper I'm a poet who expresses myself in many ways.The lyrical freestyle is me and the poem is me.I am who I am and I am a poet a poet and whatever I can be.My lyrical freestyle is my words that speaks out for me and only me.Deep inside I'm a diffrent person.Lyrical freestyle.~

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