I am Alone

November 5, 2011
By Siesie SILVER, Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Siesie SILVER, Wheat Ridge, Colorado
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I am sentenced to be alone
Not for what I did but for who I am
People ask were I have been
I have been alone
In my corner were my thoughts lie
That is were I stay
No one to talk to no one to share
People ask for me to come
To play to talk even though I can not be in there world
But when they ask why I do not come
My answer is clear
Why are you asking your shadow to lead your way?
What is the point of one that is made to listen tell you were to go
My sentence is short but it is cruel
Tearing my mind apart peace by peace
How do I stop it
The only hope is that through my hell
You will still visit
Because without you
This solitary
Will keep tearing away at my being
Intel I am fade to the nothing that people treat me as
To save me
The only thing you can do is
Talk to me
The simplest thing can save someone in there hell
I have been there for you now it is your tern.
To help me in my unjust solitude
If I can not count on you
And my continence is fluttering to nothing
What do I have?

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