The Four Seasons

March 27, 2008
Spring has started
Dark clouds spread
Like birds overhead
Flying above the misty breeze
The calm before the storm
The rustling leaves
Reduced to a whisper
As the first raindrops fall
One after another they sound
Their rhythmic beat
A drum roll upon the awakening
Heavenly light flashes
Demonic roar quakes
The drops stand in awe
Before cascading atop your roof
The pitter-patter of water babies
Dancing upon the windows
Baby boy Alex
Clutching to his G.I. Joe
Comfort from the noise
Sleeping sound
Under dad's Carhart
Through the clouds
The sun has pierced
Warm rays fill the room
He awakes with a tear
Not of fright
But of joy
Joy to see the storms disappearance
Worms wriggling beneath the wet earth
And the sparrows chirping off in the distance
The sweet smells
Grimy musk of papa's garage
And the blooming apple blossoms near by
As the sun stays longer
And the days become hotter
He’s lost in serenity
Watching as her beauty matures
Summer soon to proach
Embrace the flavors
With that special someone
Savor the excellence
Of love itself
And take a bite of summer fruit
Leaf Green rind boarders
Succulent red pulp holds
A thirst quenching mouth full
Juice runs down you chin
'Til all that’s left
Are the pitch black pits
Spitting contests
10 feet … beat that!
Summer fun with friends
Spreading the fun, for summer to come
Peaches, Plums, Apricots
Sweet firm flesh
Stone cold pit
Dangling from their branches'
Changing the scent of a cool breeze
To the taste of its thick nectar
As you bite into its supple shape
This fruit resembles
Both...night and day
Of summers eve
Crisp green apples
Vibrant papery skin
Porcelain white inside
Bite after bite
Bushel after bushel
Hour glass apple cores everywhere
Enjoying the taste of summer
Alex is anxiously waiting…
For the seeds he has planted
Are soon to grow
Continuing on the family tree
Son and Daughters
Apples and Oranges
Summer Harvest
Autumn feast
Jack-o-lanterns and trick or treaters
Liven the streets
Collecting candy
Morning comes
Sunshine starts to flicker
Through the amber tree tops
Daytime is running out
The sunsets
Red maples and pink sky
Make there way to the horizon
A flutter of fallen color
Zach and Liz
Jumping into Dingy orange leaf mounds
The time for thanks is near
Relatives are coming
Tasty Thanksgiving gathering
Ruby red cranberries
Mash Taters ‘n gravy
Sweet potato pie
And best of all
The Butter Ball Turkey
Whooooooo yummmm
Maybe one more slice of pie
Gathering ‘round the fire place
The warm crackling glow
Roasting marshmallows
Gram crackers and chocolate
Sticky mess and funny faces
Everyone’s laughter
I’m thankful of my family
And full round bellies
Tucking the kids off to bed
Lost in their sweet dreams
Of holidays to come
Staying warm
As the clouds of winter
Darken the sky
For now
This old timer, Aching joints an’ all
Watching the seasons change
Through his window
Nighttime gray clouds
Come rolling in
Harsh winds blow
Ice crystals flying
Jack Frost’s revenge
Whirling white blur
Finally the storm recedes
Day light reveals
Old Saint Nick's gift
Not tied with a bow
Sealed in a box
Or even under a tree
A glittering blanket of snow
Before the noon comes
The kids are playing
Hurling white bullets
The loud smack when they hit
Cruel teenagers getting even
Thick fluffy coats as defense
The innocence turns
The Victorious Stand
The weak shall fall
A caring mother by there side
Hot cocoa for everyone
Atop a hill
A snowflake lands
Rolling down
Gathering more
Bigger and bigger it becomes
The snowmen all ‘round
With carrot nose and stone rock smile
Waiting for the joy
Of a snowflake
To melt on them
Winter fun only lasts so long
Before the warmth of the sun
Reveals the secrets of forgotten past
Lost toys are found
There’s my Tonka truck
To bring a smile once more
And colors of this old town
Returning as they once were
As with the hunched over snowmen
We all must embrace the fact
All the seasons’ cycle
To bring forth a new
Spring and summer
Warmth and rejoice
Fall and winter
Family and friends
With ever beginning
An end
And every end
A new beginning
As with this poem
The end has come
But more is always there
You just have to open your eyes
And take a look

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