November 9, 2011
By alyluvs2txt BRONZE, Pleasant View, Utah
alyluvs2txt BRONZE, Pleasant View, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
"When life gives you 100 reasons to cry...show it that you have 1000 reasons to smile(: "

They follow you constantly, wherever you go
Hiding in the shadows, but somehow you know!
They're over here, nope now they're there
Those stupid stalkers are everywhere!
By the toilet, in your room,
and then they're gone by the time you get a broom.
Where do they go? I never see...
those things are scarier than they seem to be!
They are wherever you are,
maybe they hide under the towel bar.
Where do they go? Nobody sees,
but they've got me crying on my knees.
It isn't normal, and it isn't fair,
those stupid spiders think we're gonna share!!!
When will they learn that they are not wanted?
What's scary is...if we kill them we could be haunted!
House after house its always the same...
i never get them on time...its just so lame!
Unknowing people think spiders just aren't that scary...
but some are really big...Really big, and really hairy!!
Those dang spiders are everywhere i go!
Will this ever end? Does anybody know?

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