The Town Of Gray

March 27, 2008
By Nicholas Trevino, San Antonio, TX

In the town of gray,
There is no exciting day.
In this town no one left and no one came.
It always stays the same.
Until one day something happened in a way no one could say.
On that day in the town of gray, people wanted to see what it possibly could be.
It was a tower prodding from the ground like a blooming flower.
Was the tower a sign for it looked so benign?
Some people were angry and said “how dare this tower stay in our peaceful town of gray”.
Some people were enlightened and thought the tower should stay and “Yes, it should be that way”
Soon people fought and fought on whether the tower should stay or not.
In the end most of the people were banished while some had simply vanished,
until the tower was all that would stay in the decayed town of gray.

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