A Hipster's Daydream

November 9, 2011
By AHeroScourned BRONZE, Floral Park, New York
AHeroScourned BRONZE, Floral Park, New York
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Vision drip drops that one then two
blackened sight in back of eyelids turns to blue
a vibrant hue, with rainbow shine.
The bright rays from the sun's smile
while steamy delight grows with apples on vines
pears and peaches, with plums drop from branch
like dew off ever long grass blades they trickle.
Run off trails down cement roads, man made
sprinkled streams started by rusted sprinkler heads
frolic go children, shouting over flower beds
frolic go children, in an ignorant state
bees and butterflies mingle over nectar shared at cocoons
fairies ride fireflies, with sparks left to decorate
these sensual sights that blind
Painted in pupils and irises and displayed on easels
so fickle like the breeze that blows
hypnotic smells of cookies chocolate chip from your grandmother
those memories travel up your nose
envisioned like fabled fantasies of wonder
these awake sleeping beauty from her slumber
and with a new creation of imaginary construction
a weightless Casper hollowed out like canoes is produced
Grandma waits floating in rivers edge by waters fall
crumbling down, humbling sounds
a past generation's moral drowns
new born tears appear spraying like sprinkler heads
the baby wails of nightmares from a cold metal crib
soggy stuffed dolls remove tears with manufactured material
company created comfort,in an artificial environment
Mona Lisa's smile fuels factories
Smog and smoke tarnish the new
exhaust the beauty, exhaled coughs save few
disfigured paint brushes, held in cripple hands
the Baby cries out for warmth
Grandma cries out for hope
recycled tires, and trees give no triumph
flames consume gluttonous and no remorse
future ideas take their course
and Grandma does too in her canoe.
Charging in does mother, a raging bull
Mother tells baby
“close your eyes one and two
and wish upon swatted down stars for a dream come true”

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