I have yet to reach-

March 26, 2008
By Laurence Logan, Chicago, IL

Like MLK said in his speech we have to reach the mountaintop
But I have done so, I have hopped from top-to-top
Danced this racial foxtrot
After hoping through like kangaroos my legs have become strong enough to carry the burden of these lyrical 1s and 2s
Spitting heat that has spectator’s shoes melting and asses glued to the edge of seats
The words that spill from my lips move mountains and cause deserts to tilt
So for these reason I run with these misfits whom society has dubbed as a miss fit
Appearing on the social radar as a blatant blip
Refusing to tone down insane mind frames just to blend with this imperialistic change

Let’s climb to the mountaintops
Where we have no fear of gunshots, sticks, or rock
Let’s climb to the mountaintop
Where the skies are pure of this mental pollution
Let’s climb to the mountaintop
Where we feel no lively intrusion, no illusion, no confusion
Let’s climb to the mountain top [echo]

Let’s get out of the slavery slipknots
So let us slip knots and break these chains and shackles and claim tops
So walk with me, run with me, jump with me
From top-to-top
Where none of our enemies can get us
“Sniper Scope”
Shoot’em down as the rush these mountains after us
Because they know here we are surly safe
Cane anyone plead my case?
At this point we have nothing but time
Unfortunately that is time that we can not rewind
So for those who refused to use their strength to move like us, climb like us
It looks like…you’ve been left behind it seems
Trapped in your own dream

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