Many Say 'I Love You'

March 26, 2008
By Coralia Guzman, Irving, TX

About two weeks ago i finally met him!
Between arguements and fights, i saw in his etes
Courage love, Hatered and wisdom
"Darn! I like his big, beautiful brown eyes"
"Enter my heart with and arguement and left it with an arguement as well"
"guess what?" what he answered rudely "I love you!"I told him. "Oh!" he said hold on Thats some bull
I gave you my heart, I gave you my evrything.
Just a simple "oh" made my heart shatter in a million pieces
Killing my hopes, heart and love
Love will never be the same.
Many can say "I love you" but it takes a special one to mean it.
Never again ill fall for you, never again ill trust you.

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