What Can These Wretched Visions Be?

March 26, 2008
By Noah Matlock, Nashville, IN

What can these wretched visions be?
Why must they haunt just only me?
What causes me to be their prey?
Why must they haunt me every day?
I cannot seem to keep them off,
I push away, they only scoff.
I could not kill this part off now,
Even if I did know how.
This cataclysm within my soul,
Has left me very far from whole,
I cannot fight this beast within,
For I am nature's greatest sin.
I walk the night, out on the prowl,
Identified by a telltale howl.
I am the humans' greatest flaw,
They fear me for my "hellish maw."
Devourer I swear I'm NOT!
To teach the truth, I still have sought.
All that I can do is hide,
'Till she reveals her brighter side,
And the full moon then shall rise,
And I'll become what they despise.
I'll charge on in, destroy them all,
And, I WILL make SURE they fall.
Not one will get free, nor any will live,
Not one ounce of sympathy, will I EVER give.
I've taken this torture,for too long, no more!
Finally I open, that final, golden door.
Onward to my destiny! I'll no more live a lie!
They've had their final laugh; the humans all must die!
Compose yourself, don't let it in,
I say, don't turn! No, never! Not again!
I'm losing what control I had,
My self control is very sad.
I can't contain this beast within,
We always fight, I never win.
Though I try to keep myself aligned,
That's not the nature of my kind.
I drift to nothing more than thought,
I can't remember why I fought,
I always knew there was no use,
So did I just want an excuse?
There's nothing to be gained in this,
Thoughts of hope I must dismiss.
I'm the beast, I have been all along,
And so I'll fall, in mourning song.
It's not my nature to be free,
Not since It got a-hold of me.
It changed me, I am not the same,
I cannot bear my human name,
Humanity's not what I know,
I am something far below,
A demon of the worst off sort,
Just one day late, one dollar short.
This fate has become destiny,
And with this howl, it I'll decree.
I am alone, but not the one,
This really isn't very fun.
I need a pack, as I need life,
Alone, it's nothing more than strife.
My human side, now starts to die,
But now I know exactly why.
(And so, the animal begins,
And humanity thus starts its end,
I know there will be more like me,
Turned by the bite, or we'll just breed,
A plague we'll bring upon the place,
No, we shall become its saving grace.
We'll fill the nights now with our cries,
As every single human dies.
We shall turn the children first,
and they will all believe they're cursed,
Our torture we will not forget,
and we will kill... without regret.)

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