Little Jar

March 26, 2008
I’m just a little jar
Sitting among the rest
Adorned with no label
Having no one to impress
Not the most chosen on the shelf
But am quite content in my spot
Don’t stand out from the others
Almost like I’ve been forgot

I’m just a little jar
My filling is carefully sealed
My lid is screwed on tightly
So nothing is revealed
But while I am transparent
There are actually things inside
Just not everyone can see them
For my fear of being denied

I’m just a little jar
Not permanently closed
If you take the time to work at it
I will easily be exposed
And once you’ve got me open
I’ll say anything to you
My filling will overflow
You’ll be able to see right through

I’m just a little jar
And my filling’s spilt on you
I’m empty now inside
Wanting something new
You are free to fill me now
With whatever you may like
Tell me all of your stories
So we can think alike

I’m just a little jar
And if you let me go
I’ll drop and fall to pieces
Who am I? I won’t ever know
My protective shell will shatter
All over, I will leak
I only spilt on you
But now everyone can peek
I’m just a little jar
Reassembled over time
Though the cracks will always be there
A reminder of your crime
Now I’m shut even tighter
For there will always be that fear
That my filling will be removed
By another who’s insincere

You opened me with force
But now I can’t stop speaking
Discharging all my filling
What you’ve done to me is weakening
After all, I’m just a little jar
Fragile and shut tight
If you use effort to undo me
Open, I just might

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