Friendly-Faced Demon

November 3, 2011
You were in my dreams before I knew you were real.
Eyes filled with passion and a voice I could feel,
A soul like a mystery, but appearance so nice.
Who would have imagined that pain was your vice?
I ignored all their warnings and challenged your wall.
I wanted nothing but you so I gave it my all.
When you let me in, I felt wanted and real,
A feeling I needed, a feeling you'd steal.
When we were together, I was blind to your rage,
No documentation of your lies on the page.
And the moment you left I saw that I was alone,
So I ran back to your prison and called it a home.
My family and friends pushed away by your hate,
And I thought you were brought to me by fortune and fate.
Whenever you spoke and I felt tears in my eyes,
I wiped them away and put faith in your lies.
I never explained the scars and bruises on me,
But they were a portrait of the secret I wanted them to see.
A prisoner was not who I wanted to be.
Causing you pain was the only way I'd be free.
The guilt that I feel is not mine, but it's yours.
So why, when my tears hold regret, do they pour?
With this hole that you left, I don't believe I can mend.
It's shaped like a demon with the face of a friend.
After you, I refuse to trust another again
Because it still always comes down to you in the end.

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