March 26, 2008
By Kayla Phillips, Irving, TX

Timeless is the way we see ourselves.
Unchanging, indifferent. Just normal, just us.
But abandoned are our younger selves,
because time went by and we grew up.

Looking at painted reflections in mirrors,
seeing colours in a black and white world.
Walking to shadows that linger in the distance,
Darkest secrets are revived and unfurled.

But senseless is the game we play,
and foolish are the rules.
Because forever never ends they say,
a non applicable rule in schools.

Because distance can be made
by just a whisper just a word,
and friendships can be ruined,
strengthened, grown or burned.

The masses of students that gather like packs,
like wolves preparing for the kill.
We find sometimes that we're just as bad,
doing things we said we never will.

But other times when roads are rough,
iron gates stop us dead in our tracks.
You turn around defeated,
but a real friend turns you back.

Like a rose that grows, blooms then wilts,
something always comes from the sorrow.
And even if today it doesn't seem true,
there is always a brighter tomorrow.

So even when the journey seems endless.
And surrounded by people you still feel alone.
Know that no matter how far, and no matter where,
There's always someone to guide you home.

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