March 26, 2008
By Donisia Maes, Cleburne, TX

The life it gives the life it brings. Music does so many wonderful things.
When I’m driving in my car, or when I’m sitting at my house; I flick the switch and on comes music. When I’m down, and when I’m sad I look to music to help me out. It doesn’t matter where I’m at music fills the room with truth, and meaning.
Music gives me my new beginning.
Music with lyrics carries my voice, and instrumentals carry my mind.
Some hold a story to tell, and some just the good mood to feel.
Whatever the day, whatever the time a good song is always easy to find.
Music saturates my mind, and motivates my body.
For a blissful moment, or to send condolence music fits for every occasion.
The power to feel, think, listen, and translate is given by music.
Feel the emotions while thinking of the story, and listen to the words.
The translation is key. It will take you wherever you want to be.

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