The Truth

March 26, 2008
By Teyonna Ridgeway, Lithonia, GA

Do me a favor
And open your eyes
Because I want you to realize
How much I despise
The blindfold put on our society
We are blinded by the truth
And we lack knowledge
Of our history
A lot of us don’t know
Where our family
Came from
We given to the glamour
That the media hypes
Without realizing that
Everyday we are being stereotyped
They think that black males
Will only end up in two places
And that is jail
Or maybe even hell
When they get above killing
One another
And just thinking about
The degradation of woman
Makes me shudder
Females don’t take action
When being called out of their name
But I know that a female dog
And myself is not one of the same
We have a mask over our eyes
Because we don’t see
The value of education
And sometimes we think
That love is our only destination
We don’t see the importance of money
That some people throw and flaunt
And we are sightless of
Issues with racism that truly will haunt
With the rate that we are going
What if we really do
Turn back into slaves
The only exit out of this
Terrifying maze
Is if our society
Takes off the blindfold
And we change our ways

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