Fatal Love

March 25, 2008
By Krista Gon, San Francisco, CA

Lovesick, Lovesick,
The worse sickness one can get,
Sleepless nights, restless days,
Almost as dramatic as Shakespeare’s plays.

Love can drive a person crazy,
Love can make people bold,
Love makes your life be put on hold.

If only, If only,
Love did not drive me crazy,
My life would be clear and not hazy.
There is darkness everyday and every night,
I see no more color, nor light.
I am simply a body with a heart in flight.

My body aches of love that I cannot get,
There is nothing I can do, for there is nothing left.
I have but an ounce of heart, an ounce of breath,
My time has come, the time for

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