November 2, 2011
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And a man who pauses his life to share his every growing wisdom says:
“life is engraved in stone and defines your future.”

And his companion meekly interjects:
These steps you have taken through life have been engraved by your actions,
But your future is not

As the bleakness of life may creep across the meadow of your mind

As you stop to empty the liquids of dread and misery

The tale of time will be told through the sanctity of your mind

Erasing the mistake of your past, following the wisdom of others

Your life takes the energy of thousand men but is yours for the taking

Leaving the sanctity of the weak into the suffering of the strong

Becoming the shape of greatness bound to your soul

Forming into your predecessors reincarnation

Learning wisdom through your broken achievements

For your wisdom is the hammer and your choices are the anvil, shaping you into a stiff or dull sword used to guard off the beasts that are defeat… and Sorrow

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