March 25, 2008
Is it even possible?
Or is it just an idea placed in front of us to follow?
We have this idea of perfection
More or less, everyone has there own idea of it
We wish of reaching this perfection
Yet we know it isn't possible
But part of us always wishes it is

How close can we come to perfection?
Is being close even possible?
Or will it just mean you are still not perfect?
We all know nobody is perfect
But we still envy those who seem to be
Their perfect lives, their perfect thoughts

Can perfection be associated with carefree?
No misery
Nothing to worry you
Those that we envy,
For being "perfect"
Do they face absolutely no misery?
Or are they hiding it behind a mask?

Those that seem perfect
Are they just fake?
Is perfection a lie that surrounds us all?
One may say they do not mind being imperfect
But they wish they were not what they are
That is wishing to be perfect is it not?

Finding a fault in yourself,
And wanting it to disappear,
Doesn't that mean you are trying to reach that perfection?

That perfection.
The perfection that may not exist.
The perfection that none of us knows.
Is it all just a lie?

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