This Sky Lives

March 25, 2008
I miss you
Though I cover it with hate
I miss you so bad
Even if I know it’s too late
It’s a strange sort of love
A reminiscent remorse
That chokes me on my own breath
Makes my voice hoarse
But for some reason I can’t cry
Even though my eyes burn red
I long to tell you everything
And then take back the words I said
What a sick and twisted irony
That when we could be friends
You turned away from everyone
And brought upon the End
And as selfish as that seems
Please just listen to my side
What would the sky do if, forbid,
The sun was not around to shine?
So ask yourself this question
While you run away from here
Leaving unimpressive footprints
Chanting, “This is how I disappear.”
Is that all you really ever wanted?
To make yourself be scarce?
To fade into the walls of home
And see who’d miss you there?
Or maybe you were just lonely
You felt not but two-feet tall
So instead of wanting to vanish,
You whispered, “Let’s see how far I can fall.”
But more than likely it was within
A presence scraping around inside
The idea that you were unhappy,
Clung to the subconscious mind.
Well, those were all my theories
But no solutions came
Because if I think of you too long
I can’t ignore the pain
So I'll try to block you out
Your name is now taboo
But please always be aware
I won’t stop missing you.
And now the world is always dark
The land is bathed in night
Because without its sun to shine away
This sky lives without the light.

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