March 25, 2008
By Miranda Bonilla, Flower Mound, TX

Life as we know it has come to an end
From family to lovers to spouses to friends
Everything’s washed out in a diluted gray
Seconds to minutes to hours to days
Each moment passing by in uncomfortable stillness
Each human being now corrupted by illness
The world will collapse under the weight of its own sin
Without even the hope of beginning again
Night will befall our pitiable lives
And our hearts will be stabbed with words sharp as knives
Killers and monsters and our worst fears revealed
As we tremble in the realization that our fates have been sealed
Eyes will behold the conclusion of years
And screams will ring out, confirming our fears
Nails will be bitten in nervous anxiety
As innocent children take the fall for society
The people you have relied on for so long
Will be banished from life, forever be gone
And the world will demolish itself in this manor
By hating and violence and the worst sorts of slander
If we don’t put a stop to these hideous crimes
We shall surely bring about the ending of times.

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