my dear friend

October 31, 2011
By sugardud98 SILVER, Asbury, Missouri
sugardud98 SILVER, Asbury, Missouri
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your not like most guys
when a girl cries
you dont turn away
and leave her alone
you listen to what she has to say

your sweet and kind
and you have your own mind
you listen to me
even if what i say is stupid
my true beauty you can see

your not a pushy guy.
and when im about to cry
i can come to you
you care about me in a way
only a few do

when i need you to be there
you have arms that care
you show me a love i never had
you always make me smile
even when im sad

when i look the mirror
i see a girl without a fear
when i am around you
everything is possible
theres nothing i cant do

you can always make me happy.
when i thought my life was crappy
you came in and changed my mind
you dont put my heart in a bind

but i love the way you make me feel
your making my heart heal
your always making me blush
even when you dont know it
i know this isnt just a crush

i know im falling for you hard
your my ace card
i know you wont let me down
i can always turn to you
even when i want to leave this town

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