Lost, Confused

March 25, 2008
By Kurt Jensen, Fruit Heights, UT

Lost, Confused, I know not where to turn.
Numb and broken, here i stand alone.
My mind chained by the emptiness of life,
My spirit isolated in the sea of society.

The loneliness of my thoughts,
The isolation of my emotions,
all feelings paralleled by hope.
A hope for change, for better days.

My heart wanders in a dark tunnel,
enclosed, yet empty and void.
I see no direction, i feel no instinct,
just to press onward through the blackness of time.

When suddenly, my mind takes flight,
for a feeling has come, one known yet forgotten.
The feeling of being wanted, of being welcome.
A thought that dried up the isolating sea.

For an angel hath seen my need,
and has seen my empty imprisonment.
She saw beyond my faults and impurities,
and suddenly, i stared into perfections gaze.

At last my hope had come true, the days had come,
that i would feel joy, when this angel would smile.
My heart leaps when she glances my way,
My mind races when she talks to me, and listens.

Not all guardian angels are unseen,
but we get caught up in our emptiness,
that we don't feel their power and love.
We loose sight of all but darkness.

My angel broke the chains that held me captive.
She welcomes me despite my problems,
because she sees me for me, and not for my actions.
She loves me for me, and not for anybody else.

So thus I pray, thanking God everyday,
for this heavenly figure who brightens my day.
She led me to the light, the end of the tunnel,
She set me free.

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