The Shroud

March 25, 2008
Children Sleep
While shadows creep
Twist and meander in the darkened room
Thrown into relief by a waxen moon
Whispers in the dark that say
“Sons of the Night, it’s time to play”
And the dreamers all take fright
As Demons of Shadow dance in the night
A moonbeam swirls and writhes to form
Immortal being so wan and worn
Gilded Bay window unlocks with a click
Gives way to a brush of his fingertips
She lies defenseless in her sleep
Steady breath of one dreaming deep
She’s draped like a shroud across her bed
Gold hair forms a halo ‘round her head
He stands beside her, drawn and pale
Black hair stirred by an ominous gale
Now from her throat he drains scarlet life
He takes her as his bloody Wife
Softly she utters her doleful cant
Silenced by the press of his ivory hand
They break apart and now she pines
Newborn Devil’s Concubine
But breath of life is stolen away
Extinguished by the light of day
A crimson kiss on her forehead
She’s left draped like a shroud across her bed
The dark recedes
The shadows plead
One last kiss upon her wrist
He returns to darkness, cloud, and mist
And she’s draped like a shroud across her bed

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