Little Things

March 25, 2008
There's only so much
One person can do.
Though it's not big things that count,
It's the little sentimental favors.
Picking up somebody's papers
That a bully knocked out their binder.
Lending a pen to your neighbor
Who forgot their backpack at home.
Giving a friend a ride home
Because their mom couldn't get off work.
Helping an oppenent up
When you teammate knocked them down.
Tutoring a classmate in Math
Who just can't quite grasp it.
Not any of these are world changing,
No Nobel Prizes or Pulitzer Prizes,
Or anything that would make history.
They are just little things
That change somebody's day.
The difference that is made is
Somebody's day was worth living
By having a caring hand
To help them through everyday obstacles.

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