2nd Hour English/Dream Boy

March 25, 2008
By Katie Nevels, Republic, MO

If the picture's blurry
You don't look for flaws

If he leaves
You don't have to try

If I smile
Nobody askes why

If you lie
People dont know

If you dont speak
They dont judge

If you dont do anything
Nobody knows you exist

IF i just lay here
I cant ruin anybody else.

Dream boy
Every time I drift
Every time I sleep
I think of him
A boy I’ve never met
But I can’t ignore
A dream boy who is everything
He’s a sweet charming boy
A boy who is in love
I love a man I haven’t met
He’s my Tristan and Romeo
He’s my Edward and im his Bella.
A boy I’ve never met
has taking my heart
If I could only make him real
I would be forever true
He may be my dream boy
But I’m his real girl.

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