I Can Make a Difference

March 24, 2008
By Zoe Gossett, Cleburne, TX

I can make a difference by getting up in the morning
Even though I stayed up until 3 o'clock in the morning to finish my homework.
From my deep slumber I must awaken myself,
Rubbing out those sleepy eyes that seem to never want to open.
Though I still lay in bed I see myself getting up and jumping in the shower,
The clock strikes 7:30, and I realize with a start that I'm late...again.
I feel tired and exhausted, but I keep my eyes on the road
And cautiously look around as to not hit anyone.
I see the smiling faces all around me, but for myself
I wish to go find a place to sleep.
Someone waves at me and casually says good morning,
I smile and wave back answering with a cheery reply.
I feel a little bit better now, and my sleepy eyes
Are opening wide.
Classes resume as any ordinary day,
Math, English, History, and Science all the same.
I want to leave, to escape the grueling numbers,
The confusing sentence structures,
The multiple dates that never end,
And the chemical solutions that will take a day to solve.
I figure I could, but then how would I ever learn.
I could just leave and never be, but
I choose to stay.

I can make a difference by just being here.
Breathing, living, being,
Taking chances, believing in self,
Expressing actions with words,
Words with actins, having choices and
Living in the moment with satisfaction that
I am making a difference.

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