March 24, 2008
By Lauren Stewart, Coweta, OK

Every time I see a drop of rain, I feel it has just washed away some of my pain,
I seem to wonder as I hear the thunder if my mind is just slipping away,
As I sit out on the battle field, in the cool essence of March's showers,
I can't control my rage, my happiness, or my power,
With every drop acting as a burst of adrenaline, my hearts starts to race and blood starts to flow,
I can start contemplating whether or not to just let go,
Every boom and every bang of the thunder's drum rushes straight into my soul,
And I stop fighting it and let the hypnotic droplets take their toll,
I lose my mind as I start to fall into a deep, dark abyss,
I lose control of my body and feel like I am falling into sheer bliss,
And without a warning or sign, I feel my comfort go away as I feel the sunshine,
And with the bright, burning rays of the sun, I realize the storm is done,
And I wonder when I will ever see that majestic thing called rain, again.

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