March 24, 2008
Green spring grass sways in the gentle breeze
I see your smile
A bullfrog croaks on the warm summer night
I hear your laugh
And each time a stranger brushes past me in a crowded hallway
I feel your touch.
Though spearated by an eternity of space
Every object, every sound
Every scent, every one
Forces your memory to the front of my mind,
And every time I am reminded of you,
It feels as though
Someone has torn
Open my chest with a
Rusty knife and
Hacks and slashes away
At my heart.
I feel the need to take
A deep breath to
Control the emotion that
Threatens to overcome me.
Joy from my new found love
Is overlapped by colors
Of rage and sorrow
Because I know (for a definite fact)
That these emotions are one-sided.
I don’t blame you.
Trust me, I understand
Why you cant return my affections
But I am so confused
As to why I must harbor this
Forsaking knowledge.
Why I am to be outcast
For who I am,
And of the Barrier that
Separates me from normalcy, from acceptance,
And from you.
All I can hope is that
You will never, ever
Experience the pain that
Is my everyday acquaintance,
That you will live
Freely in hapiness
With no second thoughts
On what you so desperately want,
But cannot have.

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