The Abstract

March 24, 2008
By Garrett Borgwardt, Kernersville, NC

When I flashback, I lash-back,
It’s like I put reality on hold.

It’s persistence on resistance,
That we all need to overcome.

Our reality shows brutality,
I wish my mind would stay in a dream.

The concentration on the nation,
Has been cluttered since 2001.

Segregation is creation,
One word can have you behind bars.

Religion doesn’t make a decision,
You can do that on your own.

It’s mind power that can devour,
It’s been around since day one.

It went from abuse to a noose,
Just because of how you looked.

They say science is defiance,
To reveal our existence.

They get revenge to avenge,
No one will ever win the fight.

My enemy looks into me,
As I stare in the mirror.

It’s a parable on how hysterical,
You’re the epiphany of yourself.

We have an army for disharmony,
We’re just bringing this on ourselves.

It’s called hope that makes us cope,
But yet we question all the answers.

Contradiction causes affliction,
It’s getting worse by the second.

Consider tomorrow without sorrow,
Just that thought could keep you sane.

Just like humanity free of insanity,
An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

But eventually in a century,
Will turn faith into ashes.

My memories gaze into me,
It’s like they were engraved into my brain.

But with technology and psychology,
I could probably have them erased.

If you think history is a mystery,
You’ll spend your whole life searching for truth.

We were created then infiltrated,
We have laws and rules to obey.

From addition to demolition,
Transferring us from schools to war.

From aristocracy to democracy,
The government gives us our choices.

When you’re a young adult you can revolt,
Against people who are different from you.

This impact makes you react,
That we just lost another one.

From the north and so forth,
The answer is right in front of you.

You can see the lies in their eyes,
There is no destiny; just choices.

The majority of authority,
Just hides us from the truth.

And the variety of society,
Believes their lies, do you?

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