March 24, 2008
By April Moore, Gallion, AL

Into love, I tripped.
You might could say I tumbled, right into the flood of love.
Then, as suddenly as it came, away that love was ripped.

I saw him, and to the bottom of my soul, my heart dipped.
My friends would tell you, he was all I could talk of, all I thought of.
Just like in a lovey-dovey movie script.

Piece by piece the barrier I built up was stripped.
Everything was filled with the peacefulness of a pure white dove.
In my chest, over and over again, my heart flipped.

What a mistake that all was, he had my heart gripped,
That so very fragile and important organ.
And, boy was I ill-equipped.

He stomped on it, had it all chipped.
He gave my heart a hard shove,
And out, every ounce of love dripped.

I said I wouldn’t go there again, but a while after, again I tripped.
This love was different, anger and hate was what this love, unlike the last, was free of.
This love still remains, me hoping that it is never ripped.
Each day I slip and dip more and more into love, I tripped.

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