She Remembers

March 24, 2008
By roslyn lambert, Traverse City, MI

You said you loved her, that she was your number one.

Too bad it was all a lie, and now you are gone.

She still remembers the flip of your hair and that you liked all your meat "medium-rare."
The way you smelled,the way you dressed, even the cross tattoo on the back of your neck.

The look in your eyes when she danced.

The way your arm would wrap around her waist, and how easily you made her heart race.

How you smiled and thought it was cute when she blushed.

Until you crushed her and left her broken in the dust.

Many nights were spent dreaming of you, many days too. She remembers every detail of you.

The scar on your hand and the sticker on your butt.

Did you know she still loves you too?

There will always be a place in her heart, for the tall brunette boy who stole her heart and kissed her in the meijers parking lot.

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